Juicing Lemons With Ease

This handy tip will save you four days in a lifetime!

Juicing lemons, and other citrus, could not be simpler.

Cut in half, squeeze. Right?

But it always seems harder than it should. And I’m positive there’s more juice hiding in there. I suppose you could use a reamer to get all the juice, but that’s just something else to wash in the sink. Plus, anything called a reamer is a little dirty. Come on, it is.

I suggest a slight change.

Try this next time (and every time thereafter, you’ll see): cut the ends off your lemon, then cut in half, then squeeze.

More juice, less effort and more control. Most often, you want all the juice from the lemon. But sometimes, you need a deft touch to just add what you need and no more.

Like I said, couldn’t be simpler.

Juicing lemons

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