Finally! Some whidbey.

One of the sweet things about going to VSLive for Imagine Cup was getting the tech preview of Whidbey. I’ve been wanting a copy of that ever since I got to read about the features at the PDC. I’ll write more about what I like in VS 2005 and .NET 2.0, but my first impression is that there so much new stuff, I don’t know where to begin: it’s like learning .NET 1.0 all over again. So I’ll probably focus on the new Winform controls and features. There is lots of neat stuff in that namespace.

I’ve read of a few problems installing but it was a snap for me. Virtual PC is indispensable.

Also, there is a bit of a shock using a MS product that doesn’t have the polish of, well, an MS product. I know, I know. It’s alpha stuff, but it’s still pretty weird.

I have a March build, so hopefully they put back Ctrl-Shift-B back in for other builds. You know what the F stands for in F2? Far away.