The Author

This is the personal blog of Jason Kemp. He doesn’t mind writing about himself in the third person if it suits him. He’s proudly Canadian, he’s tall and big. Jason is a loud talker. He’s intelligent, knowledgeable, thinks he’s kinda witty and working on articulate. People have a tough time telling if he’s serious because he can say just about anything with a straight face. He’s half serious most of the time, not serious the rest of the time, and completely serious right now. He’s almost always right, but can admit when he’s wrong.

He’s a .NET developer, specializing in Windows desktop applications with Windows Forms and WPF, and framework/API design. He likes elegance but not at the expense of simplicity and maintenance. He’s pretty good at refactoring and TDD.

He has two bachelor degrees, one in Physics (with a minor in Math), the other in Computer Science, and thinks that shouldn’t impress you. He spent 11 years in the Communication reserves and thinks that should. He’s been lifting weights for 11 years and probably should have been a personal trainer when he grew up. He watches the Food Network a lot and wishes he started cooking sooner than he did.

The Blog

The Cool Guy: Handsome. Vain. Cocky. Where’s he from? Around. What’s he doing now? Stuff. Calls people dude.

The Geek: Graceless at soccer. Self-conscious. Pedantic. What’s he doing? Something you wouldn’t understand. Where is he? At the computer. Just wants people to call him.

The title of the blog reflects these two aspects of my personality. I stole the line from the Christopher Moore novel, Island of the Sequined Love Nun. The original line, recalled from memory was “a dork trapped in a cool guy’s body.”

This blog is about stuff I like to talk about. It’s mostly a giant note to self. Some of it may be useful to others, which is usually how these blog things work.

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