The Garden 2009

The air is thick with potential.

Last year's potatoes gone to seed way too early.

In addition to the aforementioned garlic, here’s the rest of the plants I’m growing this year.


Last year I grew Russian Blue potatoes which are purple (?). It was an OK potato and I had an OK crop. But they all sprouted sometime in December or January in the basement where I was storing them. I moved them to the garage where it was cooler and they stayed in the same state until I planted some 3 weeks ago. I also got some red potatoes to go along with the purple ones. They’ve all broken the earth, so I think I’ll have another decent crop of potatoes this year.



I wasn’t planning on planting beets this year, but I had a packet of Choggia beets (red and white concentric circles, like a candy cane), so I threw them in with the potatoes. Considering how big and leafy the potatoes get, I don’t have much hope for these, but we’ll see. I also planted them way too close to each other. I practice smash mouth gardening: if you can’t hack it, you don’t belong in my plot, so get growing!



The tomatoes are back, once again in the premium spot, in between the rows of the garlic. I have a new rule: no plants I can buy in the grocery store; so no red, baseball-size tomatoes. This year I have Sub-artic Maxi, a hybrid plum-size tomato (and the last red one I’ll buy); Golden Girl, a large yellow; Valencia, a large orange; and Purple Cherokee, the only heirloom variety this year. I wanted a Green Zebra this year too, but the nursery didn’t have them.



I wanted a zucchini plant this year, but I couldn’t help myself: there were all kinds of squash at the nursery, so I picked up a buttercup squash as well. Then I found out they need tons of room: a mound of dirt and about 8 feet surrounding it. My plot is about 8 square feet total, so this has me a little worried. It also looks to be struggling in its PC Top Soil mound. I bought some manure compost to add to the mound.



The herbs are back, of course, but they have their own little plot. Right now, planted in there we have Thai Basil (which I’ll never try again – it’s just too cold here), Summer Savory (for Thanksgiving stuffing), Mr Oregano, Mr Thyme, Mr Sage and Mr Parsley. The Mr. Basils get a whole planter and will be added to the big gap in the middle in a few weeks. The other planter has chives, dill and coriander. The dill and coriander are seeds from last year’s plant. So far they aren’t impressive.

In the picture, you can also see my soaker hose, something I took care to lay before planting this year. So far, I’ve noticed a difference with it there.


Peppers are back again too, this time in the ground. I have two Bell peppers, Mr California Wonder and Mr Jupiter, and also Mr Jalapeno and Mr Serrano plants. These violate my rule, but I’m OK with that. If they grow, they are, by far, the funnest vegetables to grow. Gorgeous firm flesh and a shiny, bright skin: you can’t buy that in the grocery store.

Should be a good year if the weather gets hot.

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