Bloody dilettantes.

Garlic in my garden

“It’s not going to work; it’s garbage,” he said with a sneer. At least I think I heard a sneer, like, “who’s this city boy asking me questions?”

You can always trust a farmer for a gruff, straight answer that makes you feel like an idiot; same with gardening ladies.

Last year at the Garlic Festival at the Carp Farmer’s Market, halfway into my first summer of gardening, I asked one of the garlic farmers about garlic that I had planted that spring. The answer, above, didn’t give me hope; and they were a failure.

As gruff as he was, however, he did lean in close and tell me the secret planting day for garlic in these parts. “October 15th,” he said more than once. Plant them then and they’ll shoot up out of the earth when the ground thaws in spring, he told me. Let’s keep that date between us, shall we.

The garlic festival is in August, so come October, I dutifully planted a two whole bulbs of garlic after I cleaned up the garden for the winter, one bulb of Music, the other, Persian Star.

Sure enough, some time in the spring, when I looked out at the garden, there they were standing.

The guy also told me to pull them about mid-July. By the looks of them now, they should be fully grown by then.

Jason Kemp is a geek trapped in a cool guy's body. He hand crafts software for the web and mobile devices. He excels at user interface design, the deadlift and barbecue. He is @ageektrapped across the internet.

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